When to contact your Builder regarding Maintenance issues

A lot of new homeowners are unsure when maintenance issues are their responsibility or the covered under their maintenance / structural warranty with their builder.  We have discussed previously on-going maintenance owners need to complete in another blog, so let’s talk about when should you get straight into contact with your Builder. 

  • Water leaks.  If water leaks are left without attention it can lead to a lot of issues later.  Such as floors, and walls being replaced.
  • Gas leaks.  If you have a leak, turn your gas bottles off and wait until a qualified tradesperson comes to fix the problem.  As we all know gas is highly flammable, so you do not want to injure yourself or blow something up.
  • Electrical.  If you experience any shocks or if your safety switch trips out and you can’t identify an appliance that is causing this, contact your builder or if you know the contact details of the Electrician who wired your house.  Just like gas you can’t be too careful with electricity.
  • Large cracks appear on your walls or cornice.  It could mean something has moved in your foundations.  This can happen with reactive soil types or when your soil goes from very wet to extremely dry.  Your builder will want to inspect your foundations as soon as possible.
  • Your doors or windows are hard to open or close.  This could also mean something has moved in your foundations, a water leak or something as simple as your timber door needs to be planed back a little.  When your builder comes to site, they will be looking at a variety of things to find the solution to the problem.
  • Tiles have cracked.  Again, this can be caused by a variety of issues as listed above or something else.  You do not want to leave a cracked tile unattended as it can lead to water issues in the future.

If you experience anything with your home and you are unsure with maintenance, get in touch with your builder and ask the question.  They will be able to point you in the right direction.

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