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Oakvale Homes built our latest home and they are an excellent company to deal with. We threw some huge challenges at them and they handled it all with a professional, friendly manner, and the workmanship was second to none. I can thoroughly recommend this company to anyone.

Brenda Harrison

We have just built with Oakvale our very first home… All the finishes from the trades are to a high quality and all trades we had dealings with were very friendly and professional… We definitely had a great building experience and look forward to building another home with them in the future.

Hannah and Josh Pascoe

I just wanted to say how amazing the entire team is at Oakvale Homes. We had such a great experience from start to finish. Everyone said building a home is very stressful, but we found we had no stress involved in the 4 months it took for them to build our 3 bedroom home. We love it and highly recommend Oakvale Homes.

Maliya and Martin Bourke


Sensodyne… Worth It?

We have all done it. Bought that cheaper brand, saved a few dollars, scored that bargain! Only to realise down the track that the few dollars saved turned out to be a cost because you were either not happy with the dress or the shoes did not last or – even worse – that car […]

Ongoing Maintenance

All of the boxes are unpacked, your clothes are hanging in the wardrobe, you have had that housewarming party, and met the neighbours.  You are officially moved in!   As time goes on you will have on-going maintenance of your home.  There’s the usual suspects, such as mowing the lawn and gardening.  But what about […]

Customised Montville Design Built in River Heads

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