What to expect in your first initial appointment with Oakvale Homes?

You have found your block of land, have your pre-approval with your financier in place, and are in the process of selecting builders.  What do you do next?  

Once you have narrowed it down to which builder or builders you want to build your home, get in touch with them and arrange an appointment.  This guarantees the builder will have set aside this time for you to discuss what is important to you in your home, your design, inclusions, and block of land.  In preparation for your appointment, take along all the information on your land you have, ideas of what you want in your home, what design you want to build, and your budget.  This ensures your builder will have a vision of what you want and will maximise your appointment time.  Generally, we recommend to set aside up to 2 hours for this appointment.

During our initial appointment, we discuss the above, where you would like to position your home on your property, what is important in your home, (large open spaces, separate master suite away from the children, maximising your view, storage, etc), what inclusions are non-negotiables, (for example, higher ceilings, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, floor coverings, etc), your budget and ways to maximise it, (we want you to get the look you want without spending your whole budget).  

We will discuss the design you like, any alterations, and what inclusions are a must.  During this appointment, ask your builder any questions or discuss the concerns you have.  This will help you understand the process and feel more comfortable with which builder you wish to proceed with.  Building your home will take many months so you want to have a good rapport with them.

After your initial appointment, we will redraw your design, complete a quick site inspection of your property and your proposal based on what is important to you and what inclusions you want.

Once this is completed, we will present your design and detailed proposal, based on your property.  We will also answer any questions you may have about what is included or not.

If you are happy to proceed, that is when we enter into our preliminary contract.  This will be discussed in our next blog, “What’s involved in a preliminary contract?”. 

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