What factors can affect the cost of my build?

A regular question we are asked by clients, is what are the things that will affect the cost of building on my block?

There are a number of things that may vary the cost of building your home.  Below are a few items that come to mind:

  • Earthworks – depending on the slope of your property, or what type of house you are looking to build (for example slab on ground, raised, split level), earthworks can vary from $1,000 to $5,000 or more.
  • Power – is power connected to your block?  If not, depending on where you position your house on your property can lead to extra costs when we bring in power.  The starting prices we provide at Oakvale Homes already include 20m of underground power.  Anything further will incur extra costs.  A quick way to see if there is power on the property is if you can see a meter box on a pole or green pillar.  You could also get in touch with Energex / Ergon and ask.
  • Council Overlays – you can complete a quick search on your local council’s website to see if there are any overlays applicable to your property.  Follow the legend, but in a nutshell, if colours or lines come up on your property, it is affected by that overlay.  If it’s a bushfire, for example, we would need to complete a bushfire assessment.  These vary in cost.  Generally, most people only require a standard bushfire assessment.  Depending on the results of the assessment we may need to add aluminium flyscreens to your home, complete further earthworks to clear trees, etc.  We already build our homes to a BAL rating of 19, excluding the aluminium flyscreens and tree clearing (if applicable).  If the flood overlay is applicable, we will need to engage with a surveyor to determine the AHD (Australian Height Datum) level.  Again, the cost of this assessment does vary.  If applicable, we need to build the home’s floor height 30cm above the AHD level.  These are just a couple of the main council overlays we encounter regularly.  There are others, which we explain in depth if applicable to you.
  • Soil Type – do you know what the soil type of your property is?  Sometimes people have completed a soil test and then decided not to build.  Ask your agent if you can receive a copy.  If you place your home in the same (or very close by) position we may be able to use the soil test which will save you some money.  Depending on the results it can affect the cost of your home, as the foundation of your house may need to be dug deeper or wider for example.  At Oakvale Homes we base our starting prices on an M soil type, which is the most common soil type we experience.  It’s not the cheapest soil type to build in, but it’s not the most expensive.
  • Covenants – do you have any covenants that affect the property?  This is common in estates.  Usually, they stipulate the size of the house, the types of materials the house is to be built in, etc.  Which can lead to extra costs.
  • Inclusions – you may wish to upgrade our standard or essential inclusions to more luxury items.  You are able to individually choose what inclusions you would like in your Oakvale Home.  We build your home to your tastes, not a colour board you have to choose from.
  • Design – you may wish to alter one of our designs.  Flip the house, extend the deck, and remove a bedroom for example.  We have yet to build the same house twice, and understand your home is as unique as you.
  • Building Materials – unfortunately over the last couple of years the cost of building materials has skyrocketed.  We regularly receive price increases from our building suppliers, so these costs do get passed on.

We along with most builders will give you a starting price (or rough estimated price) to build one of our designs on a block of land.  This starting price is subject to some or all of the above items, your block of land, or any council requirements.

When researching a builder, make sure they are well experienced in these areas and can answer any questions you may have.  If not, you may want to look elsewhere as it can lead to further costs during construction that you have not budgeted for.  To discuss any of these items in depth, feel free to contact us on 1300 795 625 or [email protected].  We are here to help you.

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