It’s all about the right foundations

Securing your land can be a very exciting first step to building your home. As we all know location is everything. But there are many things to consider during this process, and depending on your situation you may have to make decisions quickly. Here at Oakvale Homes we pride ourselves in not just building quality homes, but building a quality relationship with each client. So, if you are unsure your block suits the needs or the type of home you envision come and see us, we are more than happy to meet you on site and talk through options.

If you are lucky enough to have land with a view, why not take advantage of it? After all, properties are meant to work for you, not the other way around. There are advantages to building a stumped or high set home, such as airflow which helps to keep the home cool in summer, easy access to piping in the event of a renovation and the classic Queenslander style that creates a unique character.  It can also add storage area underneath and remove the need for the added cost of a shed. Like all the great classics, there are modern versions too, but we’ll go into that later.

Low set homes built on a concrete slab offer advantages too, such as easy access and the option of using brick veneer or render to achieve the look you are after. It can also be cost effective depending on the conditions of the land on which you are building.

Just remember, if your builder is stumped by any of your questions, or doesn’t offer to look further into it to seek clarification then you may just have the wrong builder.

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