Sensodyne… Is it worth It?

We have all done it. Bought that cheaper brand, saved a few dollars, scored that bargain! Only to realise down the track that the few dollars saved turned out to be a cost because you were either not happy with the dress or the shoes did not last or – even worse – that car that was such a bargain was not at all worth it. 

Take the toothpaste aisle in the supermarket for example. There’s a lot of brands claiming to do the same thing, and a lot of them professing the same outcomes for much less money. But those with sensitive teeth will tell you – the extra few dollars investing in Sensodyne are well worth it. 

It’s the same with building a new home; everything may appear to be the same on the surface but when you do the ‘deep-dive’ you soon see where your money is spent – and where it isn’t. It’s not long before you start to realise why this matters so much. 

So when it comes to something as significant as a new home, both in its emotional importance and the size of the investment, how can we take steps to avoid losing money on cheaper alternatives? 

Like any purchase, the first steps are to evaluate your needs then investigate what brands (or builders) appear to be able to address and fulfil them. Take the time to meet your builder, research their company’s differences, check out their QBCC Licence and have a look at past projects.

The difference between proper planning and designing a home that truly suits and is complemented by your block of land instead of simply making it ‘fit’ in the space can mean a significant difference in cash at first and down the track in ongoing maintenance. 

The details that are harder to see with an untrained eye tend to be the most crucial; Properly engineered foundations must take into account all factors of the entire project – it’s literally laying the foundation for your whole build! 

It is vitally important to get everything right behind the walls so there are no surprises; disasters or disappointments after you move in. Building with someone you trust is essential for your peace of mind during this process.

At Oakvale Homes, it is a standard part of our initial design brief appointment to discuss what is important to you and take not only logistical differences on board but also lifestyle preferences. Considerations such as what home design will suit your needs and block of land, what fixtures and fittings you like and customize your design and inclusions to your wants and budget.  We offer walkthroughs of our houses under construction so you can see firsthand the quality workmanship of our trades. 

Our proposals factor in earthworks (if required), power, water and sewerage connections.  So, when you do sign a preliminary agreement, you know up front what you are getting for your money.  

Most importantly you should be comfortable to ask your builder any questions and feel confident with the answer.  Trust your gut and if the feeling is not there keep looking and researching for your builder.  Building a home is an amazing experience.  You are investing a lot of money, so you want to ensure you have completed the background checks and trust your builder to build your dream.

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