Ongoing Maintenance

All of the boxes are unpacked, your clothes are hanging in the wardrobe, you have had that housewarming party, and met the neighbours.  You are officially moved in!

As time goes on you will have on-going maintenance of your home.  There’s the usual suspects, such as mowing the lawn and gardening.  But what about the other, not so obvious things that need ongoing maintenance, consideration and care, that you don’t usually think about?


When planting any gardens, the first thing to consider is placement to the house.  While a nice feature garden around the home sounds lovely, you don’t want it too close to your home as it is an invitation for termites and can also raise the potential for issues with the foundations of your home.  At Oakvale Homes we use a Kordon Barrier for all of our slab on ground homes and a Visual Barrier for all of our raised homes as well as exclusively installing treated products in our homes.  But even with these preventative measures in place, you do not want to test fate.  Therefore, ensure all gardens are away from the house, any tree branches are trimmed, (keep unwanted guests from climbing in through the roof!), and you keep up with the regular pest inspections going forward.  If this is not completed, you may void the warranty on your home.

Another factor with gardens too close to your home is your foundations.  Your house is designed to move, (it will not pack up and leave, LOL!) however, if one side of the house is getting a lot of moisture due to you watering a garden, and the other side is dry, your home won’t move together and this may affect your foundations.


Cleaning gutters is one a lot of people tend to forget.  If you’ve been on tank water before, you will know the struggle of keeping your gutters clean to capture every last drop of water.  However, gutters that are not cleaned regularly can cause dirty tank water, reduce the amount of water in your tanks (if you have them), and a potential bushfire hazard.  If you can not regularly clean your gutters, maybe look at installing some gutter guard.  When you are cleaning your gutters, make sure to follow all safety measures or hire a professional.

Smoke Alarms

Every 12 months you need to ensure you change the batteries as a minimum.  Another tip is to give them a vacuum every now and again to get rid of any dust on them.

Outside Flooring & Handrails

Decks and handrails require ongoing maintenance to keep them looking lovely but also for the longevity of the structure.   If you have decks and stained hardwood handrails on your home, ensure you stain/oil them regularly with the same product we have used (this will be provided in your Hand Over Folder).  If they are left unattended this may void your warranty.


If you are in a raised home you will notice your bracing underneath, (your builder will also show this to you).  This needs to be regularly inspected and tightened when required.  Again your builder will show you what needs to be done.

While it’s important new home owners are informed and prepared for the ongoing upkeep, at the end of the day, we know your love for your new abode will supersede any willingness to let necessary maintenance go but if you are ever unsure about what to do or when, get in touch with your builder for advice.

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