Modified Heron Design in Southside

Designed to provide the owners with a cozy and functional space on their daughter’s town block – this modified Heron Design allows the owner to still live independently while being in close proximity to the family for any additional support.

The main modification to this build was moving the alfresco area to the side of the house due to the block size and having to avoid a mains sewer line running through the property. 

This adjustment worked in the owner’s favour as it now provides an enjoyable outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining that seamlessly blends the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The Oakvale team loves the open plan layout of this build, combined with the warm, modern colours used throughout – it perfectly balances comfort, practicality, and homeliness.

No matter what size build, block or limitations you may have, we can work together to design the perfect build for you! Our wide range of plans can be tailored to your desires or customised to suit your needs.

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