Modified Fitzroy Design in Glenwood

Discover a charming small home nestled on rural acreage, where the focus is on outdoor living and simplicity.

Facing the challenge of a flood-prone block, the owners strategically used the limited flood-free area for construction, resulting in a compact yet thoughtfully designed home.

The Fitzroy plan was modified to extend the deck, making it a key feature of the house and allowing the owners to be able to spend ample amounts of time soaking up the gorgeous outdoors just as they had desired.

The Oakvale Team’s favourite feature of this home is undoubtedly the deck, the heart of the outdoor living experience, and the gorgeous colours used throughout the kitchen area. 

This home, while smaller in size, exudes a cozy charm while emphasising outdoor living and making the most of the available space.

No matter what constraints you may have, we’ve got a solution for you! Our wide range of plans can be tailored to your desires or customised to suit your construction area.

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