Customised Woombye Design in Mapleton

A timeless classic Queenslander perched atop a steep block, giving way to some of the most glorious views in the stunning Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Navigating the challenges of a steep slope and council requirements, this home is a fantastic example of thoughtful planning. The previously subdivided block now accommodates the house, two water tanks, and on-site sewerage, showcasing a brilliant blend of practicality and visual appeal.

Our owners tweaked the plan to their liking, restyling the façade to a Classic Queenslander, from the beach-inspired original guidance of the Woombye plan. The interior was adjusted for lifestyle preferences, expanding the internal living area and reducing the deck size. Large windows were strategically added to capture the breathtaking view that surrounds the property.

Built as their forever home, the owners made the right call to make the most of the stunning view, tweaking the plan to maximise it. The classic Queenslander façade and a beautiful front door are our team’s standout features!

In one word – Stunning! This home is not just a dwelling; it’s a forever home designed to complement its breathtaking natural surroundings, offering a timeless and truly ‘this is the life’ experience, each day.

The Woombye plan is part of our Beach range that can be viewed here.

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