Custom Design in River Heads

Modern country meets coastal living in this custom-designed home, located in the picturesque area of River Heads. 

Among some critical customisations for our owners, was the request to have clear views of both east and west directions. To accommodate this the deck position was shifted, resulting in an idyllic outdoor living space. 

This completely transformed the overall layout of the house, as moving the deck caused the internal layout to be changed as well – creating a fully customised home, tailored perfectly to the lifestyle and personality of our owners. A dream result!

A favourite feature of this residence is the ensuite complete with a large window, framing a stunning view of Fraser Island. The thoughtfully placed semi-freestanding bath adds a touch of luxury, deepening the tranquil and calming energy of the house’s layout and features.  

With stunning natural light, a bright white interior and set against the unique backdrop of Fraser Island, our team and our owners are thrilled with the creation of this fresh take on coastal living. 

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