Council Search Requirements: Property Easements

You’ve secured your dream parcel of land, signed the contract of sale and you’re top of the world, planning the build of your dream home.

When beginning the journey of land purchase, you’ll need to initiate the services of a solicitor. They will assist you with the contractual legalities of purchasing a property and also perform a number of searches on your property as part of your due diligence.

Each search has a different objective in uncovering important information about your property and can also have implication on what regulations and stipulations you may need to follow when building your dream home.

Over the next four articles we will discuss the main council searches your solicitor will carry out, and the ones we deal with regularly.  Our first one is Property Easements:

There are three primary property easements that have the ability to affect your home. These include electricity, telecommunications and sewer.  Each one has a different implication on your build – they can restrict where you can build on your property and may dictate to positioning of your home a certain distance away from them.  At times on a residential zoned property, it can restrict the size of home you wish to build.

If an easement search discovers any notable points on your property, your solicitor will discuss the implication with you.

When talking with builders ensure you are upfront if your property has an easement.  You want to ensure you are dealing with a builder who is experienced with them, so they know what assessments/forms/additional applications need to be completed prior to your building application.

Oakvale Homes is experienced in dealing with property easement issues and come across these on a regular basis.  We’re more than happy to discuss your building needs, future plans, and how we can adapt to easement concerns. Please contact us on 1300 795 625 to discuss your building needs.

Oakvale Homes does not provide financial or legal advice, seek a professional in this field.

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