Council Search Requirements: Bushfire Management Overlay

There are some crucial council searches that must be completed prior to getting started on planning and building. After completing an both an easement and flood overlay, you’ll need to conduct a Bushfire Management Overlay.

The Bushfire Management Overlay assesses the risk of bushfire to ensure that the development of land prioritises the protection of human life and strengthens community resilience to bushfire. It ensures that the location, design and construction of home appropriately responds to the bushfire hazard.

This assessment is required to be completed and supplied with your building application.  After the bushfire assessment is completed, you will be given a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating.  The results of this rating will determine what your builder needs to add to your home to comply, such as aluminium mesh flyscreens, different exterior cladding, specific building materials or further clearing of your property.  These additions will need to be included in the cost of the construction of your home.

As a standard Oakvale Homes builds their homes to a BAL 19 rating (excluding aluminium mesh flyscreens, which can be easily added).

When discussing your new home with builders, it is important to provide as much information as possible about your property and its Bushfire Attack Level.  Choosing a builder with experience in bushfire overlays will ensure the required assessments are completed prior to your building application to guarantee a smooth approval process.

Oakvale Homes is highly experienced in managing building with a bushfire rating. Feel free to contact us on 1300 795 625 to discuss your building needs.

Oakvale Homes does not provide financial or legal advice, seek a professional in this field.

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