Capturing a vision

Getting to know our customers is an extremely important part of our building process.

As well as in-depth consultations to make sure your plans are exactly what you want, a personal site visit is essential. This allows us to get a feel for the land and the vision each person wants to achieve.

For this particular build, utilising the beautiful Mary Valley landscape was a must. There were easier parts of the block to build on, but Tyson & Jamie had their hearts set and at Oakvale, we love a challenge.

Plus, if we had have taken the ‘easy road’, we would have lost a lot of their amazing view!

Fully explaining how we can achieve the desired outcome for our customers is vital. There will be pros and cons to putting your home in different parts of your block and also extra considerations to take into account.

Presenting all available information and special considerations at the time of planning the build allows our customers to make an informed decision with no surprises along the way. By meeting on site, taking our time to get to know the couple personally and taking into account their goals, aspirations and future plans, we were able to create a dream home, on a dream block, with a dream view.

Stunning views from the deck

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