All settled into our new home and couldn’t be happier or more grateful! 

All settled into our new home and couldn’t be happier or more grateful! 

Building as first home buyers immediately following the height of a global pandemic and while pregnant with our first child was honestly a little daunting but we were determined to do it right from the outset with a highly reputable builder – which left us with no need to look past the team at Oakvale Homes.

It was both big and little things that set the experience for us. Big things such as Kurt meeting us at our [hairy, wild, oddly shaped] block to help us plan and imagine our home working for the block we chose, and small things like Donnah taking the time to help us figure out where menial things such as power outlets and light switches should go. 

Big things such as patience as we navigated the Admin and financial side correctly (thank you Daph!) and little things like taking the initiative to change the way our bathroom window opened, after I mentioned I’d love to be able to look outside as I sat in my [upgraded because why not!] bath. Thank you Sharon! 



The team even managed future-proofing our home, while remaining within our budget. We’re going to be able to build downstairs to add more living areas, rooms and extend our deck later – enjoying a larger, higher budget home set out in timeframes we could manage as first time builders. And we just never would have thought of these things, so naturally it meant so much to us that these guys had our backs. 

Both of us being completely new to owning property; especially acreage, meant that we really needed a super professional, experienced and knowledgeable team with the patience of saints to guide us. And I am happy to say Oakvale provided us with this in spades. 



The build and finishes have been completed to perfection and we are in love with all of our selections (nervous as we were to pull the trigger on final selections – another stage the team provided us with second-to-none support and patience) and the quality of our beautiful home. All of the trades were friendly, kind and informative too, when we were lucky enough to meet with them onsite.



The entire process was informed, patient, knowledgeable, professional and so much fun! We cannot recommend Oakvale Homes enough and as we hope to build again in the future, we know who our builder will be. 

Thank you guys so much for being part of the exciting and emotional stage of our lives – building the home our kids will grow up in. 

Jess & Ben Riches

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