A home as unique as you

It’s not often we get a customer come through our doors who knows exactly what they want in house design.

Usually, there is the difficult task of choosing from one of our many plans, then chopping and changing plans to suit. Moving rooms from here to there…..and then back again. Throw in the odd argument and occasional Meltdown and that pretty much sums up the start of the building process (lol!).  Then we have something to get started with.

One of our recent customers was different though, they came prepared, with a Vision. They knew exactly how they wanted their home to look, along with a full layout ready to go (woop woop!) Now we just had to make sure we brought it to life just the way they envisioned it.

First off, we got started on the plan, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Study/4th Bedroom, plenty of storage and a large outdoor living area.

There were some items very important to the customer that we found out along the way. These included:

  • Choosing the right tiles for the Bathroom Niches. (Which turned out amazing)

  • The right tile for the kitchen splashback and taking them to the ceiling for maximum effect

  • Lots of light was also important 62 Down Lights, 2 pendants and a wall light to be exact. A detailed electrical plan was a must for this house.  (Your average house only has about 30 downlights)

Another big feature was the wall niches placed in the wall at the end of the hallway leading to the kitchen and dining room. This was one to test our carpenters and Plasterers skill; No room for error on these ones!

Wall niches coming together…

…and wall niches at completion.

With all this in mind, our main job with this build was more about helping with the small choices & making sure things were still functional. One small but significant item was the Addition of dimmers for lights in certain areas.

There was also some extra background work to do before we could get things underway. Positioning and design of the treatment plant area had to be carefully thought through due to a council drain and easement at the back of the property. This could affect the position of the house if not done properly.

A noise assessment was also required due to the position of the block in relation to a nearby busy road. The outcome would decide what rating of wall batt we would need to use. And if any extra noise reduction features were needed.

Keeping in regular contact with the owners at all times during the build was essential with so many extra points to consider.  Walkthroughs were a must at several stages to make sure things were the way they needed to be.

Being able to custom build a plan for someone is very rewarding. It’s not without its challenges though, it takes more work in the design, engineering and ordering process. But it means you can deliver exactly what a customer asks for, and there is no settling for a choice between A, B or C.

If you’re looking for a builder that understands the importance of personal style, get in touch with our team today. We’d be glad to show you through our extensive range of plans, customisations or one of our showrooms.


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