Council Search Requirements: Biodiversity Overlay

There are some crucial council searches that must be completed prior to getting started on planning and building. After completing an easement, flood and bushfire management overlay, you’ll need to conduct a Biodiversity Overlay.

The purpose of the Biodiversity Overlay is for the conservation, connection, restoration of lands, environments and functions. Biodiversity covers such factors as wetlands, waterways, koala habitat and other ecological linkages. If your property has a biodiversity overlay and you need to clear vegetation to build your home.  You may need to apply to your local council for a MCU (Material Change of Use).  The cost of a MCU varies from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the council and what you are applying for.  They also can take council a number of months to process.  Depending on their findings you may need to move the position of your house, employ a fauna specialist to be on site during the clearing of the vegetation, for example. This could add significant costs to the construction of your home you will need to ensure you have the budget for.

When discussing your new home with builders, it is important to provide as much information as possible about your property and its biodiversity overlay.  Choosing a builder with experience in biodiversity overlays will ensure the required assessments, forms and additional applications are completed prior to your building application to guarantee a smooth approval process.

Oakvale Homes is highly experienced in managing building with a biodiversity overlay. Feel free to contact us on 1300 795 625 to discuss your building needs.

Oakvale Homes does not provide financial or legal advice, seek a professional in this field.

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